New Year Vibes


New Years Eve has always been a deeply personal holiday for me. I’ve been to a few New Years Eve parties over the years but when it comes to that midnight countdown, I’d much rather be sitting on my couch alone reflecting on the year past and what I want the new year to look like.

I blame my parents, in the best way. They were never big on going out on New Years Eve or staying up till midnight. Once I was allowed to stay up that late, I always did, wanting to be awake the exact moment the current year was wiped clear and I had nothing in front of me but a blank slate to fill with new memories like a scrapbook page. As the oldest I usually found myself ringing in the New Year alone, listening to my neighbors yelling and activating noisemakers at midnight while I enjoyed a quiet introspective moment. I actually get annoyed now when I have to watch the ball drop with other people. It tends to be a “wish on a star” type moment for me.

I know New Year’s resolutions are the butt of jokes this time of year and while I’ve never vowed to lose weight or eat healthier, my New Year’s resolution tradition is one of my favorite parts of the holiday. I usually choose some sort of overarching theme for my year or an area of my life I want to focus on. Then I write a sentimental journal entry to cement it in paper and ink, hoping that I will refer back to it over the course of the year. Sometimes I do. Other times I forget about it and it just naturally seems to happen anyway.

One year my resolution was to live fearlessly. Another it was to be more social. My 2015 resolution was to stand up for myself more and fight for what I believe in. Looking back, I definitely see progress in that area from where I was this time last year to where I am now.

I’m still working on the theme I’d like to manifest in 2016, mostly because building an empire sounds a bit ambitious, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on New Years resolutions and traditions. Would any of you consider committing to a theme for the year in place of a traditional resolution? Do any of you already know what your resolution is going to be (if you’re the kind of person that makes them)? Let me know!

And may 2016 be a year full of life, love and beauty. May you discover strength you never knew you had and watch at least some of your dreams come true.

Much love,  CMB