Wait out the Storm

It all hits me like a hurricane as I fight for every breath
The waters swirl around & the only calm is you at the center
Still I hold back, allow myself to be battered by the wind and waves for fear I’m unwelcome to join you in the Eye
Irrational fear may it be, somewhere in my soul it still rings true
I try to tell myself to be cautious yet take risks, be open to possibilities yet remain guarded
It’s a paradox I live everyday and it suffocates me
The struggle for balance may kill me yet
And there it is, your hand in my peripheral
Yet I’m afraid to turn, scared it’s just an illusion
Because the flicker of hope is what keeps me going
The harshness of reality proves often too hard to bear
I try to force myself to be a grownup and face the music but
The child in me yearns for the comfort of my teddy bear
To sit with you under the stars waiting for the storm to pass
I miss you as son as you leave and crave you when you’re gone
It’s your presence that makes the storm more bearable
Without you, the waves get larger and scarier and I lose myself in it
Come back and stay, take my hand and tell me we’ll get through this together
Let us wait out the storm as one



Blogs I’m Currently Obsessed With

Hey loves,

So I am excited for the new year and all it promises–a new start, a fresh perspective, practically endless possibilities and of course, new blog posts. As I wait for inspiration to hit for the next post, I am currently back at my day job during my semester break from school and trying my best to work on passion/fun projects during my off time. One of the new habits that has been birthed from my new schedule is getting up before work or coming home after working and surfing through various websites for inspiration during that downtime when I’m really too tired to do anything else. I have discovered two blogs that I’m currently obsessed with that I wanted to share with you guys!

The first one is LexLos.com This website is ran by the power couple duo Carlos & Alexa PenaVega. You may recognize Alexa, formally Vega, from her stint as a Spy Kid. Carmen Elizabeth Juanita Echo Sky Brava  Cortez, to be exact. Her husband of two years, Carlos (formally Pena) was a part of the band and Nickolodeon show Big Time Rush. They’re both coming off of a great run on Dancing with the Stars and have decided to use their notoriety to really kickstart their brand LexLos.

The blog sections on their website have really spoken to me lately now that they’ve started blogging more. They’re honest and down to earth but reflect their Christian faith beautifully. I know as someone who’s been a Christian or at least raised around Christians all my life, sometimes the idea of faith becomes annoying or routine. These two have a way of talking about their faith and their marriage that inspires me and lights a fire in my soul for bigger better things especially when it comes to my relationship with God. They’re also expanding their clothing line and trying to do more YouTube videos so I am excited to see what these two will do next! They’re like the slightly older artistic Christian mentors that I’ve been missing from my life for a long time. Crazy how technology allows you to feel exhorted by and connected to people you’ve never personally met or talked to.

The second website I’m currently addicted to is TheHauteMess.com, Ashley Tisdale’s new lifestyle site. It targets women in their 20s and 30s as they transition from day jobs to careers and all the messy in-betweens. The “haute mess” is a woman who’s not afraid to admit she doesn’t have it all together but is also driven and working hard to get to where she’s doing. It’s a blog celebrating imperfection, which of course I’m 100% supportive of. The content on the website contains everything from photo shoots of Miss Tisdale to articles on culture, business, health and beauty as well as a store which carries items such as “Haute Mess” shirts and notebooks. One of the major themes on the site is the idea of a “girl-boss,” female visionaries and entrepreneurs who are blazing their own path. The entire website is both inspiring and practical. I’m a little late to hop on the Haute Mess train as it was started a year or so ago, but I am definitely enjoying exploring all the different content.

My New Year’s resolutions were basically to Explore Possibilites and Maximize Potential which basically means being intentional about the way I’m living my life, keeping track of who I want to be and how I can get there. These two sites, LexLos.com and The Haute Mess, are helping me to target basically every area of my life, keeping me inspired and helping me to hopefully live this year to the fullest. Hope you’re able to find something helpful on these sites too and if not, find sites of your own that inspire me the way these two do for me.

Much love & Happy 2016 🙂