5 Boss Babes

As I am drowning in the workload of college deadweek and the stress of the upcoming “Film Major Prom,” I find myself turning to my “Boss Babes,” the powerful women who inspire me. I thought you guys might also benefit from the inspiration on this list!

To me, the definition of a “Boss Babe” is a strong woman who is living life on her own terms, using her talents and notoriety to successfully reach out across several platforms and speak about issues that she is passionate about. Now, Boss Babes certainly do not have to be celebrities but I know for me it is sometimes easier to be inspired by public figures, especially girls who are just a few years older than me whose careers I have following growing up. So, without further adieu, here are my list of Top 5 Boss Babes:

1) Lauren Conrad:

They say reality TV is the quickest way to end a serious career? Not for Lauren Conrad. She spent several years as the star of MTV’s Laguna Beach and The Hills before deciding she was done with reality TV. She instead capitalized on her reality TV fame to kickstart the career she really wanted in fashion. She is now the published author of three non-fiction books and two young adult fiction series. She is also the editor-in-chief of her own lifestyle site, runs two clothing lines, is the co-founder of an online store that focuses on empowering female artisans around the world and has an eco-friendly line of cosmetic and travel accessories with BlueAvocado. Did I mention she is also thirty and married?

2) Ashley Tisdale:

Having trouble finding another standout role after your wildly successful Disney Channel movie franchise? No problem! Just jump behind the camera! Post High School Musical, Ashley has continued to act but where she has found real success is in her production company Blondie Productions and lifestyle site The Haute Mess, not to mention her marriage to singer Christopher French. Ashley is one of the producers on the hit ABC Family-er-Freeform series Young & Hungry which is going on its fourth season. Its success has earned Ashley her very own spin-off show according to reports from the 2016 Freeform upfronts. She uses her website to highlight young female professionals in a variety of fields and has spanned a merchandise line to go along with the site which features clothing, notebooks with messy bun artwork on the front and wall art. In addition, she recently became the creative director of Los Angeles based t-shirt company Signorelli and is helping to relaunch the brand. All this also before her thirty first birthday.

3) Demi Lovato:

A trip to rehab is the quickest way to end a career? Well for Demi, her three months in Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center really was, in many ways, the beginning of her career. It would have been easy for Demi to refuse to talk about her time in treatment or create a fluff story regarding what happened, but she decided to be honest and transparent with her story in order to help others. Four years later, Demi is an advocate for mental health awareness and open about her past with substance abuse. She may have stepped away from her successful Disney Channel show in order to focus on post-treatment recovery, but that has not stopped her from guest starring on shows like Glee and From Dusk Till Dawn as well as spending two years as a judge on X-Factor. She currently has a successful music career, a New York Times best-selling book, her own charity and a skincare line. She is also vocal about her faith and an active advocate for LBGT and women’s rights.

4) Shay Mitchell:

While it might be easy to coast on the triumph of a popular television show, Shay decided the success of her current job was no reason to stop working. Known best for her starring role on the show Pretty Little Liars, Shay branched out after a few years to expand across other platforms as well. She started with her lifestyle site (before everyone & their mom had one), which eventually morphed into her Youtube channel (although the website is supposed to come back soon new & improved!). Her Youtube channel has been active for a year and a half now and recently hit one million subscribers. Her videos range from Youtube challengers with other Youtubers (Glozell? check, Superwoman? check) to travel diaries from places as exotic as Morocco to those as local as Atlanta, Georgia. Shay also recently published her first book which she co-wrote her with her best friend, released a fitness wear line with Kohl’s and filmed her first movie role in the upcoming film Mother’s Day where she plays the stepmother to Jennifer Aniston’s children. She co-hosted Live with Kelly and Michael this morning and still has basically a full year left until her thirtieth birthday.

5) Selena Gomez:

Once you become more famous for your dating life than your job, it is hard to be taken seriously as a professional, right? Well, Selena Gomez is trying to prove us wrong. Her newest album was not just a new batch of songs. It introduced a new movement in her career. It was titled Revival and truly represented Selena’s efforts to re-invent herself not as Justin Bieber’s (ex) girlfriend but as an artist in her own right. She took press opportunities to address issues she had never talked about before such as her battle with Lupus and her first real encounters with body shaming. She talked about Justin but made it clear that she was moving forward into a career all her own. She used a series of elaborate Snapchat videos to announce that Joe Jonas’ band DNCE was coming on tour with her and has utilized an Instagram campaign to share details about her upcoming world tour. This Selena Gomez “revival” feels like a page pulled right out of her BFF reinvention queen Taylor Swift’s handbook and so far, it’s working. Selena is experiencing more success with her music than ever before with each single gathering more and more airplay from “Good for You” to the latest “Hands to Myself” which was made into a lip-sync video by Victoria’s Secret models and covered by celebrities like Joe Jonas and former Disney star, Oliva Holt. Who says you have to wait for your 24th birthday to reinvent yourself?



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