The desire to be seen–

Selfish or

The most basic human need?

We crave visibility,

Demand to be told we matter,

We’re important…

But are we?

We must be told we’re goddesses,

Amazon warriors,




Would looking inside ourselves not tell us the same?

Are we not born with an innate sense of worth?


It isn’t enough to simply be seen, noticed, acknowledged

It has to be by the right person–





Potential Lover

Such a choosy beggar

Woe is me

Forever doomed to dissatisfaction


Give me the keys to the kingdom and I will never again fear



I will forever know that I am infinite

flippin’ legendary


“Remember my name”

“Mark my words”

“Watch me do me”

Are my attempts desperate?

or strategic?

Smart career moves?

Maybe just an invisibility complex.

Hate to be seen,

Angry when ignored,

Living paradox.

Grasping at moonbeams

Aiming arrows at constellations

I bathe myself in the illusion

Waltz between blurred lines

Big hair, bright colors

Dark makeup, black and white wardrobe

Preening for selfies, hiding from paparazzi


Should I hide or take center stage?

Run away or run towards the spotlight?

The stage has been set and now it’s on me

Is it my job to step into the sun


Should I take my place backstage instead?

The script is locked

The roles are cast

Now, where do I belong?

I suppose I should know already, but I don’t

So I’ll try out some things

Belt out a solo

Bust out a dance routine

Try being the lead–

then try the role of the best friend

Trusting that eventually…

The director will tap me on the shoulder, hand me the script & say,


“This is the way,

walk in it”




Photo credit: Meredith Bird, Bryce Simon and Nathan/Michelle Lewis

Tuesday Tunes: Cassondra Michelle

The inspiration for this week’s post comes from a cool interview I read last week from my new favorite band, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher! In the article, the band shared their 5 current favorites songs, which got me thinking…

I am one of those weird people who creates a Pinterest board and a playlist for basically every occasion ever. Recently I’ve been taking some of my free time to really narrow down what I want to stand for as a brand. This quest, of course, called for a soundtrack. Everyone could use a little extra inspiration and sonic pick me ups, so I thought I would share some of the awesome empowering songs on my playlist. Check out 5 of my favorites below & then check out the interview with The Girl and the Dreamcatcher here cuz their picks are great too!


The Girl and the Dreamcatcher – My Way

Speaking of my new favorite band… I’ve had this song on repeat since their EP “Negatives” dropped late last month. It is emblematic of where I am in life right now and I’m sure a lot of other people can relate as well. The song also happens to be super catchy and great to blast at high volume to cheer yourself up while driving to work in tears (…don’t ask).


Bea Miller – I  Dare You

The one is best played on repeat until it gets stuck in your head so that you can sing it to yourself anytime you feel self-doubt or are allowing other people to get to you. Such an empowering song!


Daya – Sit Still, Look Pretty

Yet another fantastic song from the girl who lead us all to wonder where the good boys go to hide away. The lyrics are my absolute favorite. We need more songs with messages like this! Makes my feminist heart happy 🙂


Olivia Holt – Phoenix

The ultimate pick-up song.  This song is a great reminder anytime you feel like shrinking away into the shadows instead of stepping into your power. Singing this along with the crowd at Olivia’s concert a few weeks ago brought me to tears. Such a powerful anthem!


Halsey – Castle

You can feel the power in the music of this tune. The energy of the song is so cinematic. Perfect to play as you’re getting ready for battle, be it against an evil magical army or your awful boss at work.


Got any go to pump-up songs or just great songs in general you’ve been listening to this week? Comment below!


Until next time,


Make It Matter

Shots go off in the news

The words gets smaller—and scarier—yet

The same old drama floods the headlines 

And my cell phone

Nothing’s changed

Everyone’s still so petty & self-absorbed

Their world becomes THE world

And they can’t see that it’s all bigger

That all of this can be gone tomorrow


By a madman with a gun or a terrorist with little regard for his own life

The world keeps turning, great

But not with love & laughter & art & beauty

But with hate & anger & strife & angst

Will we never learn?

Will tragedy never change us until it hits home?

Do we have to lose mom, dad, friend, co-worker, brother, sister to stop fighting & start living?

Tomorrow’s never promised, but are we working towards a better one?

Time is precious so where is our drive, our purpose?

What are you doing today & why?


Make it matter.


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Girl Meets World live taping experience


A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of visiting the set of the Disney Channel show GIRL MEETS WORLD for a live taping. It was truly one of the coolest things I’ve ever done and it helped cemented my desire to eventually go into television as a career. Thought it might be fun to share the experience with some of you who haven’t had that opportunity or might be considering it!

For those of you who don’t know, getting tickets to a live taping of a TV show is actually pretty easy. Not every television show films in front of a live audience. It is usually only comedies and then, only a select few opt for live laughter over a laugh track. Shows like “Baby Daddy,” “Young & Hungry,” “Fuller House” and “Girl Meets World” are among those few. For a complete list of shows, go to That site is also where you can order tickets FOR FREE (yes, none of those shows charge for the opportunity to watch them film). Just make sure you get on first thing in the morning 30 days before the show you want to go to. Most of them sell out really fast!

Anyway, that’s all I did to get my tickets. After weeks and months of planning plus a minor hiccup regarding a “Liv & Maddie” taping (I missed getting tickets to the last live taping ever… still crying), I finally secured four tickets to a “Girl Meets World” taping… and then had to wait a month.

There was drama up until the last minute. They always sell a few too many tickets to a live taping to ensure a full audience, but the show I had chosen was particularly over sold. We showed up two hours early and were on the edge of our seats till the last moment to see whether or not we would be allowed in. Luckily, there were just enough seats for us! I felt really bad for everyone who wasn’t allowed in…. If you’re lucky enough to get tickets to a taping, make sure to show up a few hours early!

Once we got inside the soundstage where they film, we got to see all of the amazing iconic sets. It was so surreal to see them outside of our television screens. The executive producer of the show came out and explained to us how they came up with the concept of the episode and a little bit about what happened in the previous episodes. I can’t give away any of the plot, but I will say that it was a really good episode, a little on the more serious side. I also think I’m okay to reveal that Danielle Fishel co-wrote the episode as well as directing and co-starring in it. It was pretty cool!  She is definitely my new #GirlBossGoals.

They had already filmed some of the episode that morning and the day before, but they still showed us those scenes to record our laughter/reactions as well as make sure we understood what was happening in the episode. I sat in front of the school section of set, so I was pretty bummed that the school scenes had been shot the day before. It was still cool to see the other scenes filmed of course, just harder to see them. They provided monitors, though, for us to see the scene the same way the camera did and even cut between angles in real time to show us a mock-up of how the final episode will look. I hope to go back to another taping eventually. Hopefully then I will be seated where I can see more of the actual filming.

It was still insanely cool, though. I was doubly freaking out, both as a film student who hopes to go into television and as a fan of the show. After years of being on student sets, it was beyond amazing to be on a professional one. It was so cool to be able to understand most of what was going on! In fact, the one annoying part of the taping is that there was an emcee who was constantly trying to keep everyone entertained in between takes. I would much rather have been able to pay attention to everything happening on set.

If anyone with any connection to the show is reading, I will gladly scrub floors and fetch coffee if it means working on that set! It seemed like such a cool environment. Everyone was extremely professional, but still had fun. Ben Savage (Cory) and August Maturo (Auggie) came over to say hi and answer some audience questions. Rowan Blanchard (Riley) danced with August in-between takes. It seemed like they all genuinely liked each other and their jobs.

At the end of the taping, they split the audience into two and set up two meet and greets: One with Rowan and Sabrina Carpenter (Maya), the other with Corey Fogelmanis (Farkle) and Peyton Meyer (Lucas). I was hoping to meet the girls, but my half of the audience was in the line for the boys. I was a little disappointed at first, but they were both so sweet and cute. I have no complaints! They checked to make sure my sister and I had a good time, asked if we wanted a picture (duh!) and then thanked us for coming.IMG_0164_e

I went with my mom and youngest brother and sister and we all had such a good time (although I’m sure my brother will deny it if you ask)! If you get a chance to visit a live taping, I would highly recommend it for fans of the show or fans of film/television in general. Also, if anyone reading this has any connection whatsoever to the show…  I meant what I said earlier about fetching coffee.


I am going to go get busy taking on the world! Until next time-

xoxo, CMB