Make It Matter

Shots go off in the news

The words gets smaller—and scarier—yet

The same old drama floods the headlines 

And my cell phone

Nothing’s changed

Everyone’s still so petty & self-absorbed

Their world becomes THE world

And they can’t see that it’s all bigger

That all of this can be gone tomorrow


By a madman with a gun or a terrorist with little regard for his own life

The world keeps turning, great

But not with love & laughter & art & beauty

But with hate & anger & strife & angst

Will we never learn?

Will tragedy never change us until it hits home?

Do we have to lose mom, dad, friend, co-worker, brother, sister to stop fighting & start living?

Tomorrow’s never promised, but are we working towards a better one?

Time is precious so where is our drive, our purpose?

What are you doing today & why?


Make it matter.


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