Tuesday Tunes: Cassondra Michelle

The inspiration for this week’s post comes from a cool interview I read last week from my new favorite band, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher! In the article, the band shared their 5 current favorites songs, which got me thinking…

I am one of those weird people who creates a Pinterest board and a playlist for basically every occasion ever. Recently I’ve been taking some of my free time to really narrow down what I want to stand for as a brand. This quest, of course, called for a soundtrack. Everyone could use a little extra inspiration and sonic pick me ups, so I thought I would share some of the awesome empowering songs on my playlist. Check out 5 of my favorites below & then check out the interview with The Girl and the Dreamcatcher here cuz their picks are great too!


The Girl and the Dreamcatcher – My Way

Speaking of my new favorite band… I’ve had this song on repeat since their EP “Negatives” dropped late last month. It is emblematic of where I am in life right now and I’m sure a lot of other people can relate as well. The song also happens to be super catchy and great to blast at high volume to cheer yourself up while driving to work in tears (…don’t ask).


Bea Miller – I  Dare You

The one is best played on repeat until it gets stuck in your head so that you can sing it to yourself anytime you feel self-doubt or are allowing other people to get to you. Such an empowering song!


Daya – Sit Still, Look Pretty

Yet another fantastic song from the girl who lead us all to wonder where the good boys go to hide away. The lyrics are my absolute favorite. We need more songs with messages like this! Makes my feminist heart happy 🙂


Olivia Holt – Phoenix

The ultimate pick-up song.  This song is a great reminder anytime you feel like shrinking away into the shadows instead of stepping into your power. Singing this along with the crowd at Olivia’s concert a few weeks ago brought me to tears. Such a powerful anthem!


Halsey – Castle

You can feel the power in the music of this tune. The energy of the song is so cinematic. Perfect to play as you’re getting ready for battle, be it against an evil magical army or your awful boss at work.


Got any go to pump-up songs or just great songs in general you’ve been listening to this week? Comment below!


Until next time,


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